GCC Publicity Code of Conduct

Always follow the General Chiropractic Council regulatory guidelines on marketing:


C4 Publicising your work or practice
You or anyone acting on your behalf must use only factual and verifiable information when publicising your work or practice. The information must not:

  1.  mislead
  2.  be inaccurate
  3. abuse the trust of members
  4. exploit their lack of experience or knowledge about either health or chiropractic matters
  5.  instil fear of future ill-health
  6. put pressure on people to use chiropractic
  7. bring the profession into disrepute


It is recommended that, wherever possible, you ask to see any media article, statement or interview that you are involved in before publication or broadcast so that you can try to ensure that it does not break the Code of Practice.

You may approach representatives of organisations, such as firms, companies, clubs or other health professionals, to publicise your services.


Code of Practice B1, C1, C4, C5, C6 Standard of Proficiency S1.1