About us

We are a group of UK Chiropractors that found we were all duplicating the same marketing materials from scratch.  Most Chiropractors do not compete with other Chiropractors, but other types of therapists in our areas, so we thought it better to combine our resources so that we could spend more time treating patients and less time finding patients.

We have joined with professional writers and designers to create crafted marketing materials, which can all be edited to suit different styles, so that every clinic can retain their individuality.  We will be adding new text and pictures every day which will all be copyright-free, so you can use the text and pictures whenever you like.

We very much welcome feedback and suggestions for new condition descriptions, newsletter articles, press releases, blogs, social media posts and exercises.  Please call or email me or my brother, Justin, directly on 020 7437 7700 / ben@mychiropractic.marketing / justin@mychiropractic.marketing

Best wishes, Ben Clark MSc DC