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Instantly create Chiropractic Newsletters, Social Media Posts, Press Releases, Blog Posts, Patient Exercises and Reports of Findings in just a few clicks by mixing and matching pre-written Chiropractic content, added daily, with your own words.

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One plan for all your clinic marketing

£55 per month

  • for the whole clinic
  • 20% discount for BCA members (£44pm)
  • 20% discount for RCC members (£44pm)
  • 40% discount for members of both (£33pm)
  • First month £1
  • Cancel at any time – no contract

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Report of Findings

Create personalised Report of Findings with editable pre-written content and email them to your patients in just a few clicks – great for jurisprudence!  No patient names are recorded, so there is no issue with patient confidentiality.  Add a personalised paragraph describing your clinic’s services and create salespeople out of your patients!

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Select any exercises, download them to your desktop and email them to your patients or print them there and then.

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Save templates of your Report of Findings and Patient Exercises for the common conditions and write your reports in seconds!


Create as many newsletters as you wish by mixing-and-matching our pre-written articles with your own; edit to your style, download and send to your email list.  All with your own clinic branding.

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Social Media Posts

Select from daily pre-written posts and pics for Facebook and Twitter, edit them as you wish and post them from your own accounts.

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Create newsletters, press releases, blogs and social media posts
from pre-written content, in just a few clicks.
Every page is editable.
Just tailor it to your style and send it out. Easy!

Press Releases

Select any of the many pre-written articles, edit to your style, download and send on to your local media.

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Select any of the many pre-written blogs, edit them to your style and upload them to your website or blog page!

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Everything is downloaded to your desktop for you to file and/or send.
We record no patient names ever, so there are no confidentiality issues.


Do new blogs, press releases and newsletters articles appear on the site regularly and are they copyright-free? 

Yes. We will be adding new text and pictures regularly which will all be copyright-free, so you can use the text and pictures whenever you like.


Can I personalise the downloads so that my clinic’s name, logo and address are included?

Yes. Your clinic details (including address and logo) can be edited in your ‘My Account’ page (clink on your name). These will appear on all of your downloads.


Can all the Chiropractors and other staff in my clinic use the service for the one subscription? 

Yes. As long as the person is working at the registered clinic when they are using the service then as many as you like can use the service simultaneously.


Can I tailor content to fit my patients’ needs?

Yes. Although all of the content is pre-written, you can edit it before you download it to make sure that it is in your style and suitable for your patients. Just mix-and-match the pre-written content on each page, save to edit later or click on ‘Download’ at the end of each page and it will be saved to your desktop. All you need to do then is either email it straight to your patient or print it off to give to them, and file.  All your edited marketing materials and Report of Findings are saved for you on site, where only you can access them.

Why am I charged a deposit of £1, if the first month is supposed to be free?

There is a £1 deposit so that it is possible to register your credit/debit card details.  Most banks require an amount (usually £1) to create a transaction for the monthly subscription.  Your £1 will be returned to you at the end of the first month, whether you continue to subscribe or cancel, so that your trial month is always free.


Does the content on the site provide accurate and informed information?

Yes. All of the content on this site has been written by professional writers and edited by chiropractors.  It follows BCA and GCC Guidelines.  It is always advise to make sure that you know these guidelines (there are links on each page) and comply with them.


Is it easy to navigate your way around the site?

Yes. The program is designed to be simple and intuitive, but if you do need any pointers then each page has a ‘Help’ section (top right) that can talk you through how to make the most of that page.


Can I cancel at any time? 

Yes.  You can cancel at any time, there is no contract.  Nothing more will be taken from your card once you cancel.  Your subscription will run until the end of the month that you have paid for.   You can also keep all the content that you have downloaded and use as you wish.  If there are any documents that you have misplaced, then we will send you these which we keep on our our back up files for you for 12 months after you cancel.   There is no charge for this service.